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Gotta Luv Anime 2B Here...
Devoted to Kenshin-sama
Devotee of InuYasha-kun the Baka dog demon

What more could I say? Anime...It's what I live for...heh heh heh. There's Kenshin and InuYasha and Rath Illuser and soo many others I can't list em all yet. I plan to one day read and know every anime out there...heh heh heh...

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Those that are on anime shows
Favorite TV show: InuYasha
Favorite movie: InuYasha
Favorite book: Kenshin/InuYasha
Favorite sports team: N/A
Favorite food: Pocky/Ice-cream/Ramen

My Hobbies

Anime, drawing anime, writing anime, reading anime, watching anime, doing anime...heh heh heh...

Most Admired

Himura Kenshin / InuYasha / Uncle James

InuYasha pics4U


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