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Gotta Luv Anime 2B Here...
Devoted to Kenshin-sama
Devotee of InuYasha-kun the Baka dog demon

Devotee of InuYasha-kun the Baka dog demon

InuYasha is the third guy that ever mattered to me, following Himura Kenshin and my Uncle, Uncie. He is such a cutie, guess it goes without saying. I love men with long hair, well, at least how they look...heh heh heh...

This site is for anyone who loves anime. If you don't like anime get off my site! I can't stand people who deny its worth. So, just FYI, I'm trying to add pictures here so please be patient, I haven't made a site work yet so I'm trying really hard right now. So please, give me some time to get everything just right, i promise i'm trying, but please do come if you do like anime or very knowledgeable about one or more, please?

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